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Stay Weird

WeirDOUGHs isn’t just a cookie, it’s a lifestyle.

We are a locally owned and operating small-business based out of Northern Virginia. We confidently believe that whatever we do, whatever our passion is, we should have fun doing it. That is the core of WeirDOUGHS! Our passion is dessert, but especially cookies (duh!) We thrive off of the fact that everyone is unique in their own ways. Our goal is to help people realize that being a WeirDOUGH is fantastic, one delicious cookie at a time. Family is at the heart of our company, and you can taste the love in every bite! Remember, you should always embrace your weirdness (and maybe indulge in a cookie or two along the way)!

Fun Fact: No one cookie is exactly alike, and that is what makes them so awesome, just like all of our loyal customers!! Each cookie varies between 5-6inch in diameter. Just like our hearts, our cookies are giant! 

Taste the Weirdness

A Family of Weirdoughs



Nisha, one of the two creative masterminds behind WEIRDOUGHS Cookie Shop, has been sharing her love for baking with friends and family for decades now. She is finally bringing her most-loved creations right to your doorstep, one cookie at a time.



The best things in life come from a team of two, and that’s where Tulika comes in as the second co-founder of WEIRDOUGHS Cookie Shop. Tulika is filled with lots of spunk and a beautiful heart, and that is why you can taste the love in every bite of our cookies.



Akshay is truly the tech brain behind WEIRDOUGHS, and he has combined his background in analytics, as well as his love for this family business, to help deliver our cookies directly to you. When a big brain meets a big heart, the possibilities are truly endless.



Ayesha can bring smile on anyone’s face, and is ever ready with new fun ideas to bring to the table. Whether it be her input in our eccentric cookie names, or our top-secret recipes, she is eager to make our business the most unique it can be.



Ambitious from birth, Yana has always strived to be a part of something great that could better help her in her future. Savvy, intelligent, and with a passion for writing, Yana is the youngest WeirDOUGH on the team. She is ready to bring her social media skills ,alongside her love for writing, to all of you. Stay tuned for her post updates on WeirDOUGHS IG!



Kunal has always been a role model in this family and he has never failed to guide people in the best direction possible. As the advisor of WEIRDOUGHS, he ensures that the quality of our cookies is unmatched and that our customers are receiving the greatest service possible.



Megha is the best person to motivate you and fill you up with positivity. Her words of wisdom, kind heart, and eagerness to be a part of something so different, is what makes her the perfect person to keep everyone on the WEIRDOUGHS team motivated, happy, and healthy.

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